Background & Acknowledgements

My sincere thanks go to a great many people who have influenced, guided and supported me along the way – I cannot thank you enough:

My husband Arved von Oettingen who has been an incredible support on this journey – I think that he pampers the dogs more than I do, and is always there to help at whelping time, clear up puppy runs and feed hungry mouths. I could never have achieved so much without him.

Hymie and Sandy Leibman (of Hysand Dobermanns). Now retired from breeding, Hymie mentored me from the outset and gave me my first two breeding bitches Hysand Zing out Loud and Hysand All Things Nice.

Dr Magdalena Lukasik-Braum DVM, BVSc – who, with her expert knowledge and experience of European Dobermanns helped me import Novika, Eckeen and Lalique.   

Sylwia Salmanowicz of Elite House Dobermanns of Poland, for allowing me to buy my wonderful import Novika Elite House.

Didier Tachain from De La Villa Valiano Dobermanns of France for selling me his precious Eckeen Veram, for his expertise and help in selecting a stud for her, and his continued friendship with Haverhill Dobermanns.

Sandy Machado from Campo di Gaia, for agreeing to send precious Lalique to South Africa, what a treasure this girl is!

Dr Anthony Zambelli BSc(Hons) BVSc DiplSenMgmt MMedVet(Med) and the amazing team at Inanda Veterinary Hospital.

Photographs:  Hymie Leibman, Roger Holmes, Gail Green, Laura Bingham, Vincent Rivard, Clarissa Wessels, Simon Giles, Corrie Smit, Colleen Venter, Jackie Paterson and Nikki Redtenbacher 

…….and thank you to the many, many wonderful owners who bring about the best in their dogs, and who constantly remind me of puppy birthdays and provide a never ending supply of cute pictures!


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