Is the Dobermann the right breed for you?

What is responsible dog ownership?
(or otherwise put, is a Dobermann the right breed for you?)


Aside from the basics of care (affection, proper housing, diet, training and exercise), we must remember that the Dobermann is a guard dog, not a lap dog! As the owner of a guard dog, you must be fully accountable for your dog's actions. That means you will not only train the dog to be a good canine citizen, you will also make sure it is under your supervision and control at all times.

Originally bred as a personal protection dog, the Dobermann is the only breed specifically developed for that purpose. This does NOT mean the breed is aggressive or vicious - quite the contrary; the Dobermann must be mentally stable yet always alert and ready to defend its master and home. A dog like this requires a knowledgeable owner, one who understands the importance of proper care, training and breeding. Without these tools, owning a Dobermann can be a frustrating and difficult experience. However, if you have a well-bred, top quality dog and the knowledge of how to bring out the best in it, you should be prepared to have the best dog that you have ever known!

An intelligent, physically healthy Dobermann requires plenty of exercise (physical and mental) and human companionship. Building a good relationship with your dog is time well spent. Without it you will find the dog becomes bored and destructive. If you MUST confine your dog every day, then you MUST also spend some concentrated quality time to release pent up energy that otherwise will become destructive. A fenced garden is necessary (so the dog is not running loose all over the neighborhood), but it is not enough to just open the door and let the dog out.

YOU must spend quality time with your dog (playing, training, etc.). This is critical, especially with Dobermanns. If you cannot provide the time necessary to have a physically and mentally healthy dog, please don’t buy a Dobermann. A non-working breed may suit you better.

This is NOT a breed for everyone, and you must consider your own personality, physical environment and emotional needs before you decide to acquire a Dobermann. When you come to us for a Dobermann, we evaluate both the dog and you (the prospective owner) for compatibility and suitability for each other. This is a lifetime companion and commitment.  Choose your breed of dog as carefully as you would choose a best friend and soul mate.

You are responsible for every aspect of your dog's life: grooming, feeding, exercise, training, veterinary care, affection, etc. It will be a member of your family, and should be cared for accordingly; nothing less is acceptable. When you acquire a Dobermann, you should consider the breeder as your link to responsible and fulfilling dog ownership.  At Haverhill we provide a lifetime of information and help with nutrition, training, housing, care, equipment, and breeding advice.


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